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    Cohesive Teams & Improved Project Teams

    Savvy Human Resources consulting assists project teams to improve collaboration and increase productivity. Cohesion is the distinguishing characteristic of a high-performing team. For cohesiveness to exist, it is necessary for the team to see themselves working towards a common purpose and goal, otherwise the team will eventually splinter into separate individuals working towards their own personal agendas and not together toward a team goal.

    Through many years of experience as Savvy human resources consultants, we've found that most teams fail because they have no clear picture of where they are heading or how they will get there.

    To ensure project delivery, Savvy works alongside your team to:

    • Align their purpose and goals.
    • Develop accountabilities and work strategies.
    • Leverage strengths
    • Improve communication, problem solving and innovation.
    • Guide them through change.

    As our world picks up speed, our leaders and our teams are being asked to do more with less and quickly. Rare is the organisation not interested in speed and agility yet while the expectations get higher, the pressure for teams to perform increases. If the team does not have a strong Constructive interpersonal climate where they can have robust conversations, their effectiveness and ability to be agile is low to variable at best.

    Savvy uses the Team Management Profile and the Group Styles Inventory in building Cohesive Teams & Improved Project Teams.

    Team Management Profile:

    Savvy includes the Team Management Profile (TMP) as part of our team building and development programs. The Team Management Profile provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual's work preferences and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.

    Our High Performing Teams & Managing Virtual Teams workshop assists in the team's work preferences and how this impacts on decision making and interactions with team members.

    The Team Management Profile is used worldwide by leading companies in diverse applications.

    Thank you very much for your assistance at our Retreat last week. I felt it went really well. The tool has been well received and I look forward to following up with the groups to see how we can use it to further develop our teams. Many of the staff were really impressed on how well it reflected how they saw themselves. So again thank very much and warmest regards. Head of Campus, QUT

    Feedback on our High Performing Teams workshop includes:

    • Excellent – very engaging and useful
    • Interactive, relevant, very interesting
    • Excellent – we need this in our team meetings
    • This was the best session by far! It was interesting and enlightening and I would have liked to spend a whole day on this.
    • Excellent! Learned a lot about how to be better in my job. Really useful.
    • Brilliant! Informative and interesting – more of this stuff.
    • Fantastic! Really well presented.
    • Confident presenter, informative, good opportunity to take information back to our teams to facilitate more effective communication.
    • Well-presented and interesting information. Probably most enjoyable session.
    • I will be able to apply and acknowledge the different ways that my co-workers prefer to work and how to respectfully work alongside them.
    • Being able to explore and understand ideas more with co-workers – group work. Great stuff – thank you !

    The leadership sessions with Craig McFadden were the most valuable, interesting and effective parts of the Program. Participant ELP Business Program.

    Group Styles Inventory:

    The Group Styles Inventory (GSI) is the only research-based tool that provides a valid and reliable measure of how people in groups interact with each other and work as a team to solve problems. Extensively researched and internationally proven, this assessment provides group members with a ‘safe’ way to talk about their behavior and how it affects the group's performance.

    The GSI is designed for both temporary and permanent groups that are responsible for solving problems and making decisions. It can be completed by team members after they have solved a problem (to identify the behaviors that facilitated or inhibited their performance) or mid-way through solving a problem (to identify and practice more effective ways of interacting with one another and approaching the problem).

    If you would like to know more about the Group Styles Inventory, the Team Mnagement Profile or our work in building cohesive teams, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

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    CEO Profile

    Craig McFadden's clear, practical counsel and strong influencing and relationship building skills have gained him credibility at both the executive and line manager level and he is frequently called on to coach managers through complex industrial relations issues, termination or redundancy matters, performance reviews or to prepare for discussions with difficult individuals and team members.

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