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    Savvy HR helps manage bullying complaints and minimise the risk of sexual harassment for businesses, managers and directors.

    Savvy HR provides independent workplace investigations and we use our HR know-how and investigation experience to support clients to deal with informal grievances through to conducting formal investigations. With a depth of practical experience in dealing with workplace grievances, senior HR and Workplace Relations professional, Craig McFadden, has conducted formal site-based workplace investigations to a high standard of procedural and substantive fairness, rigour and sensitivity.

    "The client could not have asked for a better response from Craig in terms of process, timeliness and efficiency. His methodology was superb, and his final report was outstanding in terms of coverage of the issues and as a reference tool upon which the client could manage complaint outcomes. The client made it clear to me that they were very happy with the referral and the service provided by Craig throughout the investigation, indicated further by their ongoing retainer of him to provide additional HR services". Employment Partner – Hopgood Ganim.

    As independent external investigators Savvy HR has conducted thorough and impartial investigations of sexual harassment claims, theft, assault, discrimination and bullying, as well as claims of misleading and deceptive conduct, and communicated the outcome of these investigations to the complainant and the respondent with sensitivity and tact.

    Craig came in as an independent person to resolve a bullying complaint. He was measured, fair and practical in his approach. He spoke to both sides, was able to clarify roles and responsibilities each party had and contributed to the situation. He has a nice way with people, put them at their ease and we had a successful outcome. Practice Owner

    Employers expose themselves to significant financial liabilities when failing to properly investigate complaints. Engaging an external investigator to conduct workplace investigations provides all participants in the investigation process with greater confidence in the process and its outcomes.

    Rigour - the quality of being extremely thorough and careful - this decribes our apporoach to conductiong a workplace investigation.

    Bullying and harassing behaviours can happen at any level and, as an employer, you must takes steps to address it. There are a number of processes that you can implement in your business to help identify, and manage the risk of bullying, such as:

    • Employers should ensure that they are adequately managing workplace culture and behaviours, and setting clear standards for appropriate behaviour at all levels - employers can’t expect to assert the right to take action against employees who they think have misbehaved, if they don’t set out rules on employee conduct in the first place.
    • Employers need to be vigilant and actively manage the risks of such behaviour to protect their business, brand and their employees. They can do this by:
      • Ensuring that they have an adequate workplace behaviour policy and/or code of conduct in place, covering discrimination, bullying and harassment, as well as victimisation, grievance resolution (including investigation processes), and disciplinary action;
      • Ensuring their policies include a complaints handling procedure and a contact for employees to encourage complaints to be dealt with quickly and fairly.
      • Providing regular and refresher training to enforce how central workplace behaviour policies are to your business, and clearly set out the consequences for failure to comply;
      • Consulting with workers – this could include things such as toolbox meetings, staff forums or committees, or conducting an anonymous survey;
      • Conducting exit interviews when employees leave the business;
      • Monitoring absenteeism, sick leave, staff turnover and records of informal or formal grievances; and,
      • Investigating complaints or grievances about alleged bullying or harassing conduct.

      Sexual harassment, workplace bullying claims and workplace grievances can have a significant impact on the business and employees. All employers should have a robust policy regarding bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace and investigate matters that may impact an employer’s duty to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

      Savvy HR helps manage bullying complaints and minimise the risk of sexual harassment for businesses, managers and directors.

      We work alongside the business to deliver customised training on sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying in your workplace.

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    Craig McFadden's clear, practical counsel and strong influencing and relationship building skills have gained him credibility at both the executive and line manager level and he is frequently called on to coach managers through complex industrial relations issues, termination or redundancy matters, performance reviews or to prepare for discussions with difficult individuals and team members.

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