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    Employers must give their employees pay slips. Ignorance of your obligations is no excuse.


    Employers must give their employees pay slips. Ignorance of your obligations is no excuse.   It does not matter if the employer is a small fish & chip shop or a small dental practice.

    Section 536 of the Fair Work Act requires that pay slips must be received within one working day of the payment being made and the penalty for not complying is $5,100 (individual) and $25,500 (corporation). Don’t expect that the Fair Work Commission will accept the excuse that you didn’t know and anyone who is found to be involved in an infringement of the Fair Work Act in any way can be found personally liable.

    • What must be included on a payslip?

    Pay slips must be in the form specified in the regulations. A pay slip must specify the employer's name and ABN; the employee's name; the period to which the pay slip relates; date on which the payment to which the pay slip relates was

    made; the gross and net amount of the payment and any amount paid to the employee that is a bonus, loading, allowance, penalty rate, incentive-based payment or other separately identifiable entitlement.

    If an amount is deducted from the gross amount of the payment, the pay slip must also include the name and number of the fund or account into which the deduction was paid.

    If the employee is paid at an hourly rate of pay, the pay slip must also include the rate of pay for the employee's ordinary hours; the number of hours in that period for which the employee was employed at that rate and the amount of the payment made at that rate.

    If the employee is paid at an annual rate of pay, the pay slip must also include the rate as at the latest date to which the payment refers and the gross and net amount paid.

    Details of all statutory superannuation payments must also be included for each pay period.

    • Summary

    It is a myth that Pay slips aren’t mandatory with some employers thinking they only need to give employees pay slips if they ask for them.

    FACT: Employers must give all employees a pay slip within one working day of pay-day. Employers can give employees paper or electronic pay slips, such as a link sent via email

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