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    Our Approach


    Savvy takes a holistic approach centered around the belief that people & culture have a profound impact on the success of an organization.

    As a leading People and Organisation consulting firm we provide a strategy through to implementation offering to improve performance and create better places to work by ensuring the entire organisational system is aligned and set up to deliver on their strategic intent and business objectives. 

    We go beyond issues of structure, roles and processes to address elements such as people, behaviours and culture.
    Using sound project management, change management and well researched organization design principles our  approach is both collaborative and effective.

    Our style centres around an unfailing drive to act with integrity and honesty, together with an unrelenting determination to ensure the people we work alongside are empowered and trusted to deliver the very best for their customers.

    We enjoy winning people's support for ideas and providing others with goals, plans, and structures that will get everyone moving in the same direction and help them work toward the overall objective.

    Because we operate at the CEO level and act as a ‘trusted advisor’, it is important to show decisiveness, a capacity to take charge of pressing issues and challenge others directly and make critical decisions in problematic areas. It is important to project a style of delivery that is engaging, creative and strategic, but also ‘take-charge’, decisive and analytical.

    As such, all our team members have a consistent style – ‘a humble confidence’. Providing excellent service is our norm, but we never confuse that with being subservient - where we do not provide independent advice. Our style is outcome focused and we respectfully ‘say it as it is’.

    We are strategic partners, change agents, trusted advisors and performance architects.

    Savvy uses an engagement and design thinking approach that builds ownership amongst staff and key stakeholders. We are deeply experienced in organisational design, alignment and transformation and we have proven methodologies, but we will always seek to understand your challenges first before we help you make a plan. We don’t have pre-conceived notions of how you need to do things.

    Savvy Transformation design thinking

    Our Savvy Design Thinking approach examines problems from many angles, draws ideas from numerous sources, and studies how customers use the service and listening to their wants and needs. Done well, design thinking promotes a virtuous cycle, generating higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater engagement, and higher productivity.


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    CEO Profile

    Craig McFadden's clear, practical counsel and strong influencing and relationship building skills have gained him credibility at both the executive and line manager level and he is frequently called on to coach managers through complex industrial relations issues, termination or redundancy matters, performance reviews or to prepare for discussions with difficult individuals and team members.

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