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    Savvy is a leading organisational effectiveness firm proving pragmatic advice & support for business leaders on people management, leadership, culture and organisational design. We focus on the people side of strategy, turning strategy into action and results.

    Savvy specialises in delivering robust workplace solutions that target the key areas that influence performance in your business.

    As experts in the area of strategy execution, leadership development and transformation programs, our solution is proven and equips leaders to create high levels of capability to deliver their strategy and achieve improved business results.

    We have worked with our clients across all sectors and industries to build:

    • ‘Fit for purpose’ structures wherein individuals understand expectations and accountabilities;
    • People systems and processes that drive the right behaviours;
    • Capable and credible leadership;
    • Constructive and customer-focused cultures.

    We achieve significant results by aligning business strategy with leadership, culture and organisation design.

    Established in 2004, we bring specialist expertise in strategic human resources, large scale transformation and the design and facilitation of development initiatives such as leadership development, performance management and culture alignment, and embedding them into the business. We create commercial solutions that unleash individual performance, optimise teams and transform organisational capability.

    From small businesses with a few employees to large corporate enterprises, from start-ups to government agencies, we help bridge the gap between business strategy and employee performance to enable successful behavioural change and deliver business results.

    Savvy combines our expertise in business strategy with our deep understanding and knowledge of what drives people, team and organisational performance to design solutions that enhance both operating effectiveness and productivity.

    We are strategic partners, change agents, trusted advisors and performance architects.

    Savvy is a leading organisation effectiveness consultancy dedicated to improving the performance of people, teams and organisations.  We focus on the people side of strategy, turning strategic intent into action and results.

    We believe that people capabilities are a source of competitive advantage and our passion is transformation through leadership’s active implementation and execution. We contribute to leaderships’ most important task – maintaining the organisation’s future viability in a changing world.

    We work as an independent advisors in some of Australia’s leading organisations to drive the successful implementation of their strategic intent.

    This involves Savvy working alongside the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to address specific challenges or issues they may be facing and influencing the leadership teams to:

    1. ensure their structure and capability aligns with the strategy;
    2. drive business objectives; and,
    3. be accountable for implementation of specific strategic initiatives.

    Savvy works as part of a small, independent team of ‘strategic partners’ to provide an ‘outsider’s view’, to challenge the culture, provide greater objectivity and overcome organisational inertia.

    Our role often involves:

    • designing and coordinating a program of work that enables implementation of the enterprise strategic plan
    • identifying opportunities for input into the implementation of strategic initiatives
    • coaching assigned leaders of specific strategic initiatives to monitor and review their execution of those initiatives
    • identifying implementation issues, risks or delays and advising on plans to mitigate and address those issues and risks
    • input on internal communications regarding the strategic plan; and,
    • maintaining key internal and external stakeholders relationships across a wide range of initiatives.

    We develop initiatives and programs that support the implementation of the strategy at the business unit level. We review and provide recommendations on a wide range performance issues and coach leaders on delivering against business plans.

    We help our clients connect their people with their strategy, engage them in a shared vision, and make values feel valuable again. We are strategic partners, change agents, trusted advisors and performance architects:


    Savvy helps our clients connect their people with their strategy, engage them in a shared vision, and make values feel valuable again.

    Organisational Design

    We work alongside our clients to design 'fit for purpose' organisational structures wherein individuals understand expectations and accountability, the people systems and processes drive the right behaviours and capable and credible leadership drives a customer-focused culture.

    Operational Improvement

    We assist organisations to review the effectiveness of functions, assess programs and facilitate restructures to deliver strategy and maximise performance. Throughout the partnership with our clients, we build the skills and behaviours that lead to sustainable results.

    Culture Alignment

    We ensure your senior team shares a clear purpose, defined organisational values and business strategy to shape your culture. Our Associates use globally recognised tools that measure individual behaviour, group styles, organisational culture, and the impact of these factors on business success.

    Change Management

    We work with our clients to craft robust change management plans and clear communications to engage people to prepare for, implement and support change. Our project approach draws from best practice change management methodologies and practical experience in what actions make change stick. We contribute to success by developing new capabilities and mind-sets essential for success and make transformation efforts tangible and digestible to the frontline employees.

    Change Leadership

    All leaders have good aspirations yet, success is rarely a matter of good intention; rather a matter of alignment and execution of leadership expectations.
    Throughout the organisational change activity, we share our expertise to uplift the capability of business leaders to effectively lead, manage and develop talent in order to make the transition. Savvy supports executives to communicate a compelling change story and be a visible advocate for the changes taking place.

    Engagement & Communication

    From incremental functional change through to a full transformation, our change management consulting enables companies to build robust engagement plans and clear communications to engage people.
    We help companies identify and deliver "quick wins" and sustainable success by building alignment, role clarity and avoiding ambiguity around decision rights.
    Our stakeholder engagement & communication plans ensure the alignment, productivity, engagement and retention of your workforce after a major change.

    Industrial & Employee Relations

    Organisations depend on their people to overcome business challenges and deliver results. Savvy Human Resources is about leveraging our know-how, experience and commercial insight to design and execute practical human resources strategies and programs that enable business performance through people performance. Learn more......

    HR Services

    As experienced HR specialists Savvy HR helps manage employee relations matters including managing performance, grievances and workplace investigations. Savvy HR has advised a range of blue and white collar employers on their ER strategy and IR obligations and directly advises on managing complex performance issues, such as employee theft, bullying, fraud and sexual harassment.

    Outsourced HR

    Established in 2004 to provide outsourced HR services to small and medium size businesses, Savvy HR are practice leaders in outsourced human resource management and projects providing specific HR knowledge and experience that you may not have within your organisation. 

    We provide customised Human Resources solutions to individual issues such as: Performance Appraisals & Reviews, Induction & On-boarding programs, Grievance Investigation & Mediation, Termination Processes & Exit Analysis,  Policy & Procedure development and HR Reviews.

    Workplace Investigations

    Savvy HR provides independent workplace investigations to a high standard of procedural and substantive fairness, intellectual rigour and sensitivity.
    We use our HR know-how and investigation experience to support clients to deal with informal complaints through to conducting formal site-based investigations. Learn more ...

    Leadership Capability

    Savvy works with business leaders to determine current effectiveness and what needs to happen to achieve their strategy and business results.


    Savvy's executive coaching provides a personalised, solutions focused approach to address key challenges, develop self awareness and the skills and capabilities to interact more positively with others in the organisation. Learn more ....

    Talent Management & Workforce Planning

    No organisation can deliver great performance without the right people, in the right place at the right time. We work closely with our corporate clients to gain an understanding of your business, including an understanding of the talent pipeline, positions and their fit with your culture. We then develop strategies to attract, develop and retain the right people.

    Cohesive Teams

    We assist teams to improve collaboration and increase productivity through improved employee performance. Cohesion is the distinguishing characteristic of a high-performing team. For cohesiveness to exist, it is necessary for the team to see themselves working towards a common purpose and goal, otherwise the team will eventually splinter into separate individuals working towards their own personal agendas and not together toward a team goal. Learn more....

    Learning and development solutions

    Our customised training programs assist individual managers and executives to increase their leadership impact and perform to their full potential. At the organisational level, we create and deliver programs that build essential leadership competencies, facilitate successful change, and align the culture to support the business strategy.

    So you've got a strategy. But do your employees know what it is and feel inspired to deliver on it, or is it still stuck in the boardroom? And if you can't remember your vision and values, then neither can your people. We help our clients connect their people with their strategies, engage them in a shared vision, and make values feel valuable again.

    One of the most challenging and important pieces in the framework for cultural change is the changing of the mindsets of your people. We can help to identify specific actions that can be taken to address opportunities and issues that are impacting employee engagement and culture, and subsequently, employees' experience at work.

    Savvy Human Resources partners with business leaders to determine current effectiveness and what needs to happen to achieve their strategy and deliver business results. We build capability to support change, equip leaders with skills to act, and track progress over time.

    We believe that people capabilities are a source of competitive advantage and our passion is transformation through leadership’s active implementation and execution. We help leaders build the future of their business and contribute to leaderships’ most important task – maintaining the organisation’s future viability in a changing world.

    What makes us different?

    There are a lot of consulting firms out there. Why hire us? We think there are a number of very important reasons.

    • We focus on results. Transformation programs are only valuable insofar as they help your organisation achieve its objectives and be successful. That principle is central to everything we do.
    • We customise our efforts to your needs. We listen carefully to ensure that we understand what you want to achieve, and then develop solutions that are targeted to your objectives.
    • We are interested in working with you over the long haul. Your needs will change over time, and we can help keep you up to date. But we also view our work as a partnership. It's not US telling YOU how to do things. It's a joint effort aimed at achieving your business objectives.
    • Getting our hands dirty, not sitting on the sideline. Arriving at a plan is critical, but our passion is to build sustainability by ensuring it gets done through active implementation and execution.
    • We don't waste time. We pride ourselves on being responsive and creating solutions for your organisation.
    • Our solution is proven. We enable organisations to create high levels of capability to deliver their strategy and achieve improved and sustainable business performance.

    We are strategic partners, change agents, trusted advisors and performance architects.

    "Craig's discipline and strategic approach is at the absolute core of a successful strategy around our future planning process outcomes. I personally appreciated his guidance and advice through a difficult process of restructuring the business". Partner–Law firm.

    "Craig has worked with us for only a few months, and in record time, with quite a few challenges, exceeded our expectations. He has increased productivity and performance by getting to the core and dealing with causes, without being distracted by the symptoms. He ensures sustainable behaviour change rather than quick wins." Learning & Organisation Development Manager

    Savvy takes a holistic approach centered around the belief that people & culture have a profound impact on the success of an organization.

    As a leading People and Organisation consulting firm we provide a strategy through to implementation offering to improve performance and create better places to work by ensuring the entire organisational system is aligned and set up to deliver on their strategic intent and business objectives. 

    We go beyond issues of structure, roles and processes to address elements such as people, behaviours and culture.
    Using sound project management, change management and well researched organization design principles our  approach is both collaborative and effective.

    Our style centres around an unfailing drive to act with integrity and honesty, together with an unrelenting determination to ensure the people we work alongside are empowered and trusted to deliver the very best for their customers.

    We enjoy winning people's support for ideas and providing others with goals, plans, and structures that will get everyone moving in the same direction and help them work toward the overall objective.

    Because we operate at the CEO level and act as a ‘trusted advisor’, it is important to show decisiveness, a capacity to take charge of pressing issues and challenge others directly and make critical decisions in problematic areas. It is important to project a style of delivery that is engaging, creative and strategic, but also ‘take-charge’, decisive and analytical.

    As such, all our team members have a consistent style – ‘a humble confidence’. Providing excellent service is our norm, but we never confuse that with being subservient - where we do not provide independent advice. Our style is outcome focused and we respectfully ‘say it as it is’.

    We are strategic partners, change agents, trusted advisors and performance architects.

    Savvy uses an engagement and design thinking approach that builds ownership amongst staff and key stakeholders. We are deeply experienced in organisational design, alignment and transformation and we have proven methodologies, but we will always seek to understand your challenges first before we help you make a plan. We don’t have pre-conceived notions of how you need to do things.

    Savvy Transformation design thinking

    Our Savvy Design Thinking approach examines problems from many angles, draws ideas from numerous sources, and studies how customers use the service and listening to their wants and needs. Done well, design thinking promotes a virtuous cycle, generating higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater engagement, and higher productivity.

    AgileSHIFT drives a cultural shift essential for business transformation.

    We are AgileSHIFT certified. AgileShift was created to equip every single person in your organization for transformational change. It equips your staff with the knowledge and guidance to confidently understand, engage with and influence change by embracing agile and lean ways of working.

    If you would like to know more about our Organisational Design, Change Management solutions, or our work in Culture Alignment please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.


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    Craig McFadden's clear, practical counsel and strong influencing and relationship building skills have gained him credibility at both the executive and line manager level and he is frequently called on to coach managers through complex industrial relations issues, termination or redundancy matters, performance reviews or to prepare for discussions with difficult individuals and team members.

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